Wildcat Focuses on Responsible Sourcing Throughout Supply Chain

Wildcat Focuses on Responsible Sourcing Throughout Supply Chain

One area that few people paid much attention to in the past has been thrust into the headlines today—global supply chain disruptions. The main culprits, according to experts, include the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, an underinvestment in logistics, and a shortage of available workers.

Additionally, as the issue of climate change becomes more obvious around the world, supply chain managers are beginning to recognize the importance of transporting and handling goods in more sustainable ways.

That’s where CWU graduate Alina Scarlett (’14), who works as a supply chain sustainability manager at Applied Materials, is trying to make a difference.

“I currently manage responsible sourcing, which includes supply chain due diligence for human rights, workplace health, and safety, environment, and ethics,” Scarlett said.

Two of her primary responsibilities are collecting data about greenhouse gas emissions and properly sourcing minerals within the supply chain.

She said she has always been passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help people and the planet, which made a sustainability-focused career a perfect fit for her.

Scarlett completed a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management at Central, and later earned her master’s degree in supply chain strategy at Pennsylvania State University.

As for the future? Scarlett said her personal goals include incorporating more recycled minerals in place of raw minerals, as well as increasing efforts to protect human rights across the value chain.

In other words, doing good is a good day’s work for Scarlett.

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