CWU Education Alum Featured on Prime-time Inauguration Special

Mackenzie Adams Wa Po

MacKenzie Adams appearing on the Inauguration Special

Kindergarten teacher and Central Washington University alumna Mackenzie Adams was featured Wednesday night in a prime-time presidential inauguration broadcast, presented by The Washington Post.

Adams, a 2018 CWU School of Education graduate, gave a brief statement during the two-hour “Celebrating America” program, praising the hard work and dedication of K-12 educators, students, and families during the past year. She was introduced by host Tom Hanks at the one-hour, 37-second mark of the broadcast.

“It’s been a difficult year for our students, and I am so proud of all the teachers, parents, and students across the country who have adapted and made the best out of a tough time,” said Adams, a teacher at Glenwood Elementary School in Lake Stevens.

Following her remarks, she introduced popular Seattle rock band The Foo Fighters. Before the band’s performance, lead singer Dave Grohl said Adams reminds him of his own mother, who taught public school for 35 years.

Wednesday’s inauguration special wasn’t the first time Adams has been in the national spotlight. Last fall, she was featured in numerous publications and TV programs — including The New York Times and the NBC Today show — for the lessons she recorded using the TikTok app.

The teaching videos ended up going viral, with one post receiving more than 14.2 million views to date. At least nine more of her TikTok teaching videos have received well over 1 million views. As of this month, her page has more than 371,000 followers and 8 million likes.

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